Easy Payment

No registration

No extra registration required. You can use ClickDirectPay now.

No credit check

No credit check is carried out. You can pay securely immediately.

Independent of banks

Currently covers 99.99% of all banks in Germany & Austria, and is therefore independent of any one bank.

Accept Bitcoins and Altcoins

Open your business to a true global market where you can accept payments in minutes using cryptocurrencies without limits, delays or high fees. Instantly settle coins directly into your bank account with zero price volarity or risk.


What is ClickDirectPay?

ClickDirectPay.com is the new choice for online commerce. Using ClickDirectPay, the customer has the ability to do a bank transfer quickly, easily and securely with his personal online banking information. After using ClickDirectPay the merchant will receive a real time transaction confirmation about the successful bank transfer. A risk free delivery of goods and services and the accounting transactions of electronic- money are guaranteed.

Meets the high security standards of online banking

SSL encryption

For encryption, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer), a recognised system that is widespread on the Internet, that is used by e.g. banks and online shops for online business and whose current version is considered secure. Data transfers are performed via up to AES 256-bit secure connections.

Data protection

No merchant and or ClickDirectPay employee has access to bank data. No sensitive data (e.g. PIN or TAN) is conveyed to the online retailer. The entire payment process takes place via a secure payment form that is not accessible to ClickDirectPay providers and employees, preventing the abuse of this data by online merchants or ClickDirectPay employees. In this, ClickDirectPay is compliant with the strict privacy policies of the Federal Data Protection Act and EU data protection law

Online banking

The most important mark of the high security of ClickDirectPay is the online banking process itself: the TAN is usable once only and is voided as soon as it has been used. This therefore means that no abuse can occur if a TAN is stored by unauthorised third parties.

How does it work?

Select bank

Select bank

Secure login

Secure login




ClickDirectPay is a new online payment service of GH Capital Management Inc. It is a secure, real-time online payment method that offers customers an easy, convenient way to make a payment through their bank's online banking system during online ordering processes. The online merchant receives real-time confirmation of successful payment through ClickDirectPay, facilitating the direct delivery of the commodity, goods or digital content.

No, no registration is required. You can easily make payment using your existing account details.

No. ClickDirectPay never stores your data or the TAN number that you use. ClickDirectPay serves solely as an interface between your bank and your merchant. You could say that ClickDirectPay only fills out your transfer order and conveys it to your bank. Neither your PIN nor your TAN number is stored at any time. In addition, any communication with your online banking takes place via an SSL-encrypted connection.

No. In general, ClickDirectPay is free to use for you as the buyer. Only the merchant has to pay a small fee to utilise our interface.

Yes. The amount transferred by you is credited directly to the merchant's account.

Access to online banking is mandatory for the use of ClickDirectPay. Should your current account not yet have access to online banking, please contact your bank. Online banking is set up in a few easy steps.

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